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I am Fabian Wolf, Web Developer and Frontend-Designer, who is primarly occouped with Usability, WordPress as a CMS and E-Commerce solutions. Passionate and ardent at work. With a big focus on usability, amenability and accessibility.

Hire me - per hour or day.
Just give me a call at +49 (0)234 520 095 42, ++49(0)177 53 27 307 - or send me a mail ;-)

Webdesign & Usability

For more than 20 years I've been designing concepts, creating and developing websites with focus on Usability and Accessibilitya>. Of course this includes access for mobile devices, too (Responsive Webdesign / Device Agnostic Webdesign).

WordPress & Derivates

One of my focal points is WordPress, the well-known Content Management and publishing system, which I've been using both as end user as well as developer for over 14 years.

Also, I am using ClassicPress, the continuation of the 4.9.x branch of WordPress, without the Gutenberg block editor, and a bigger focus on business, reliability and security.

E-Commerce & Shops

WooCommerce JigoShop

xt:Commerce, osCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Jigoshop as well as custom, stand-alone solutions. This includes the mere frontend development, plus application development, up to building and administration of entire shop websites..

  • Realisation of shop websites (starting from 3000 EUR / 3500 USD)
  • Backend development (Plugins, CMS-to-Shop system integrations, connecting APIs, etc.)
  • System protection and administration


Short extract from my portfolio - a few up-to-date projects.

  • gabionen-guensel.de: 2018

    Deep and thorough website performance optimization and theme porting of gabionen-guensel.de

    • Porting of the current webdesign from the preexisting multipurpose premium WordPress theme (Porta) to _s / underscores.me, while keeping the base components and structure (Bootstrap 3, parts of the theme temlate files)
    • Switching from the Page Builder plugin «Visual Composer» to repeating layout elements (GUI: Advanced Custom Fields Pro) plus Page Templates
    • Image optimization, incl. custom implementation of image optimization tools
    • Media lazy as well as post loading (primarly images using bLazy;also including slideshow elements)
    • On-Demand-Loading of CSS and Javascript assets
    • Caching plus CSS/JS minification and data comrpession (GZip)
    • Results include a resource reduction per page down to 300 KB (originally: 1,2 MB (!))
    • Replacement of the originally Page Builder-based image galleries with an optimized and customized version of the WordPress gallery shortcode; which led to massively reduced loading times; eg. the "Referenzen" page (portfolio / references), which is now down to just approx. 950 kb of size, from originaly over 8 (!) MB
    • Improvement of the YSlow and Google PageSpeed tests of originally E / E- to regularly C + / C on custom pages (like the home page) and B / B+ on regular single pages
    • Improvement of the mobile / responsive page display

    Project duration: 09/2018 - 10/2018

    URL: https://www.gabionen-guensel.de

  • UI SSL Enforcer

    Plugin for WordPress and ClassicPress, which ensures, that all kinds of embedded resources in a website are 100% transfered via SSL / TLS ("https").

    • By default: Requires no configuration - just upload and activate
    • Combines several methods, which before have been roaming around in separate plugins (by different authors; these include SSL Enforcement constants, as well as shortcode, widget and content parsing using filters and cache data, if available
    • Direct support for Hyper Cache
    • License: GNU GPL v2 or higher

    Planned features:

    • Direct support or integration with other common caching tools, eg. W3 Total Cache, Fastest Cache or Meteor Cache
    • Optional configuration file for developers

    Project started: 05/2018

    URL: https://github.com/ginsterbusch/ui-ssl-enforcer

  • UI WC CSV Import

    Custom CSV import plugin for Cadia, a commercial inventory management system, towards WooCommerce (using the CSV-Export module).


    • Stand-alone, custom CSV Reader class
    • All data are reproduced with native WordPress functionality
    • Image import using simple, easy adaptable importing rules
    • Optional removal of pre-existing products before running the data import (based on the SKU; thus, only known products are being removed)
    • Direct support and integration for the WooCommerce Chained Product plugin
    • Customization of the sorting order during the data import (menu_order)
    • Access from remote (auth), using the commandline (cli, cron) as well as via web
    • Ensuring updates by storing everything (including configuration) in a separate subdirectory in the WordPress upload directory (wp-content/uploads/*)
    • Custom backup and recovery system including separate, simple web administration interface

    Project duration: 03/2016 - 12/2017

  • datacolor

    Technical realization of the website of datacolor, market leader in color management and calibration (eg. Spyder5 photography calibration tools)

    • Installation and configuration of WordPress
    • Theme development based on HTML5 templates (Bootstrap, jQuery)
    • very excessive template development
    • Responsive Webdesign
    • Usage of Advanced Custom Fields for most part of the admin GUI
    • Internationalization using WPML (4 languages, including modern chinese)
    • Toolkit development, to fix common issues with WPML (among others, includes a class library for improved, easier query of the translated Custom Post Types, ACF etc)
    • Development of a custom String Translation API (i18n)
    • and much more ..
    • Design realization by Pixelstark.de

    Project duration: 05/2016 - 06/2017

    URL: https://www.datacolor.com

  • Mastodon Embed Improved

    Embed Mastodon-Posts, ie. «Toots». easily into WordPress posts and pages.

    • Embedding using a shortcode
    • Complete OOP rewrite of Mastodon Embed
    • Resulting in multiple embeds per page
    • Proper shortcode initialization
    • Backward compatiblity to the original plugin
    • Uses the Simple HTML DOM parser class instead of XPath
    • Working caching inkl. manual refresh option
    • Fallback / Option for direct embedding (inkl. resp. CSS)
    • Debug mode
    • License: GNU GPL v2 or later

    Project started: 04/2017

    URL: https://github.com/ginsterbusch/mastodon-embed

  • UI Leaflet Integration

    Userfriendly integration of the Leaflet.js Library as a plugin for WordPress.

    Planned features:

    • Multiple markers per map
    • Shortcode generator with address lookup (OSM Nominatim and compatible)
    • Supporting all available features of the Leaflet.js library

    Project started: 07/2016

    URL: https://github.com/ginsterbusch/ui-leaflet-integration

More information about my modi operandi may be found as a text document with extensive project history (German), contact information and quick CV at my networking website.

Questions? Answers!

How much is the fish? (ie. what is the usual price for a regular website?)

According to my experience you need at least 25 working hours to create a website. Most of the time, the actual amount of work is somewhere between 30 - 40 hours; because nothing works without a solid base concept, and even when doing »PSD2Theme«, ie. conversion of a photoshop design into a WordPress theme, one still requires proper structure and layout.

There is a (German) guide by my colleague Marc Hinse, which is mostly up-to-date (except the notice about the average hourly rates for freelancers in Germany; Alternative option): Was kostet eine Website?

Hourly rates?

Germany: My default hourly rate is 60 Euro (plus taxes; which are currently 19%).

Outside of Germany (including the US) my default hourly rate is 70 USD. For EU countries there may be custom arrangements - just ask me about it.

The commercial part?

The default case is: 33% to 50% deposit up front, right after placing the order; the rest when finishing the job. Respective partial invoices may be issued on request / by arrangement (PDF document).
Payment is accepted via PayPal (international) oder bank transfer (IBAN; EU, UK, plus Canadia).



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You may reach me directly using the above phone number(s) (10:00 - 20:00 o'clock CET), via E-Mail, as well as using the Contact form.
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